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Virtual Assistant​ In The Philippines

There are a lot of companies, entrepreneurs and new entrepreneurs around the world that need additional help. Virtual assistant are hard workers and they deal with a client diplomatically.

The virtual assistant (VA) is a staff member who is in the Philippines and manages your personal and business routine tasks. Generally online or through electronic communications with you, with your end customers and your associates. Around the world, a large number of companies, entrepreneurs and new companies need additional help. In The virtual assistant services in the Philippines offer a type of professional service called the virtual assistant of the Philippines (VA). Tasks vary in complexity and skill as needed. But what they have in common is that they do not have to be done in the client's commercial premises.

Your business is growing and you have a lot of existing and upcoming English speaking customers in the US, Canada, Australia or Europe. You really want to focus on your basic tasks. Why not outsource a virtual Assistant from the Philippines dedicated abroad? The assistant will be very loyal to work and will work with you for a long time if he wants to. Attendees are native speakers of English with neutral accents. Very important, The philippines virtual assistant services has already given a comprehensive training to them so they know how to communicate with Western clients without any cultural barrier.

The bilingual virtual assistants are also available at thephilippines virtual assistant services call centers. Our virtual assistants from the Philippines have a firm understanding of English and Spanish and are immersed in American culture. Under our professional management, we guarantee that you have a good understanding of the latest language skills, the evolution of words and expressions in use.

The virtual assistant in the Philippines is really perfect for you! With this service you get:

  • A dedicated Virtual Assistant that answers phone calls in native English. The assistant will be trained on your product or service so that he or she can talk to the client on behalf of their company in a professional manner. Since the Virtual Assistant in English is dedicated to you, we can assign tasks directly under your administration.
  • Advanced platform of the Call Center. Full function of the high-tech call center, including, IVR, music on hold, ACD, etc.
  • Recording. You will get all the recordings in real time in the cloud for monitoring and training purposes.
  • Conference calls. Our platform also allows you to connect to the conversation for multi-party conference calls.
  • E-mail. The assistant will handle emails on your behalf
  • Live chat on the Web. The assistant will take care of your live website if necessary.
  • Management of social networks. The assistant will help you post blogs or promotional content on Craigslist, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube at your address.
  • Report. You will have access to the entire call report in detail. As the customer ID that I call, call time, talk duration, call disposition, call trend, SLA, etc.
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